Flute & Guitar

The repertoire of  "Duo Serenata" has three main issues:

Virtuoso Italian music of  the classical  period: (Mauro Giuliani, Anton Diabelli, Fernando Carulli) romantic music (Niccolo Paganini) and conteporary compositions. (Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco) This makes the  "Italian Programm (Una Serenata Italiana)"

Contemporary music with the emphasis on Asian composers (Toru Takemitsu, Il Ryun Chung) and with music of Hans Werner Henze, Klaus Hinrich Stahmer, Wolfgang Wendel, Rolf Riehm:  “New Music of the world”

Werks of Astor Piazzolla, Celso Machado, Heitor Villa Lobos, Jaques Ibert  are the main pieces in the "Latin - American Music for Flute and Guitar."

All pieces  can also be combined and performed in mixed programs.



        1. Una Serenata Italiana

Ferdinand Carulli                                                 Serenade Nr.2 für Flöte und Gitarre
(1770-1841)                                                              Largo

Mauro Giuliani                                                  Duo concertant op. 25 für Flöte und Gitarre
                                                                                  Thema mit Variationen                                                                                                                                        Menuetto                                                                                                                                                                              Rondeau                                                                                             

Anton Diabelli                                                   Sonata A-Dur für Gitarre solo
Adante sostenuto

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco                           Sonatina op. 205 für Flöte und Gitarre
                 Allegretto grazioso                                                                          
                                                                                 Tempo di Siciliana                                                                            

Niccolò Paganini                                              Caprice XXIV für Flöte solo
(1782-1840)                                                                                   Arr.: Lambros Demetrios Callimahos (1910-1977)

Mauro Giuliani
                                                  Gran Duetto concertante op. 52 für Flöte und Gitarre
                                                                                Andante sostenuto                                                                          
                                                                                Menuetto - Trio 
Rondo Militare    


2. “New Music of the world”

Il-Ryun Chung (Corea)                      Movement in circles II for flute and guitar

  Rolf Riehm (Germany)                       Notturno for guitar solo

 Norma Beecroft (Canada)                 Three Pieces for flute and guitar
                           Moderato con energia – Lento ed espressivo – Allegro ma non troppo

Toru Takemitsu (Japan)                    Toward the sea for alto flute and guitar
(1930-1996)                                       The Night – Moby Dick – Cape Cod

Lee Tzyy-Sheng (Taiwan)                  New piece for flute and guitar - PREMIERE

 Wolfgang Wendel (Germany)            “Quo Vadis Elise?” for piccolo, flute and alto flute

 Astor Piazzolla (Argentina)                Histoire du tango for flute and guitar
(1921-1992))                                      Bordel 1900 – Café 1930 – Night Club 1960



3. Lateinamerikanische Musik